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During my seminars at The Globe, I’m often asked how I reconcile leaders who choose to exploit their charisma for malevolent purposes. When observing old film footage of Hitler, I could feel his intensity and see his effect on others created a strong physical reaction. A frightening combination of charisma and evil. Former boss of RBS, Fred Goodwin’s charisma was a major factor when persuading his board to support his strategic policies that ultimately played a major role in the biggest 2008 losses in corporate history. Charisma, combined with megalomania and greed is not a good combination for business success. These men clearly demonstrate that such is the power of charisma, there is a mantle of responsibility because this ‘charismatic power’ can be used for both good and evil intent.
Yet this need not deter an individual from wanting to develop their impact, presence and influence because my own studies prove conclusively that charisma equips the individual who possesses it with a significant advantage. Interestingly, people tend to stereotype charismatic individuals as having big personalities, being extrovert and maverick. Yet there are many examples of introverted and quieter charismatic people. For example, Mother Teresa, the late Princess of Wales and Richard Branson. I recognised that anyone holds the potential to be more charismatic – the secret is be yourself and do what you love doing.
On the subject of charismatic women, last night I attended the book launch of Jessica Richards, a personal transformation specialist and leadership mentor, who has published a moving account of how she beat cancer using a holistic approach. Jessica oozes authenticity and has shown such courage with the way she’s dealt with this frightening disease. When charismatic people such as Jessica, use their power for positive intent, it can inspire and transform the lives of thousands.
If you want to meet a bunch of charismatic individuals then pop into Pub du Vin’s Dome Room, Brighton on Monday 16th January at 5.30pm because I’ll be sharing my blueprint showing how everyone can optimise their charisma in a way that remains true and unique for them.
Have a great week!

Having had a meeting today with a charismatic business woman, I felt inspired to reflect on best ways to deal with charismatic people. Something that might come in handy when you meet Alan Sugar or Richard Branson. Whether you work for a charismatic boss, manage a charismatic individual or have a charismatic client, there are a number of suggested approaches that can optimise the quality of your communication.

• Actively listen and seek to really understand their viewpoint before giving your response. Charismatic people are much more receptive if they have put forward their perspective first.
• The impact of their presence can positively distort their communication, so you see what they are saying through rose-tinted glasses. You can help maintain objectivity by delaying your reaction or response, which will give you time to evaluate the content of what they have communicated.
• Charismatic people like people who are like themselves. Therefore, use matching and mirroring techniques to build rapport and increase the impact of your communication.
• Be yourself and say what you really think and believe. You’ll gain more respect from charismatic individuals if you are acting with authenticity.
• Have clarity around what is important to them and respect these factors. If you suggest actions that contradict their career values, they will be aggressive and protective.
• When presenting your ideas to them, illustrate how your ideas support their personal vision.
• Don’t play it safe – be creative and imaginative with your ideas; this earns their respect.
• Negativity drains their energy. Rather than explain why something won’t work, highlight different options that may work even better.
• Give them plenty of opportunities to influence and persuade others. If you have something to communicate, their support of what you want to say can leverage a positive outcome from others.
• If you have made a mistake – admit it. Charismatic people appreciate courage, risk-taking and accepting responsibility for every action.
• Pay attention to their physiological triggers – use these when communicating your point of view back to them.

Ultimately, remember that your instincts and gut reaction is your own emotional guidance system. Listen to your own instincts first and trust your intuition – you’ll be amazed at how accurately you’ll be able to summarise every situation. Enjoy your interactions with charismatic people, because if you are open and flexible you’ll automatically start to absorb some of their magical powers.