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Charismatic Conditioning CD

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This cutting-edge Charismatic Conditioning programme is designed to increase your personal impact and generate greater levels of self-confidence.

Featuring Binaural Inductive Conditioning™ sections of the programme work directly with your unconscious mind, and if listened to on a regular basis, will stimulate the flow of your charismatic potential.

To hear an extract from the Charismatic Conditioning CD click on the play button below:

This audio programme has been developed by Nikki Owen, the UK’s Leading Expert on Corporate Charisma who has dedicated the last 20 years to the development of individuals working at all levels of large international organisations.

As the result of a lifetime’s fascination with charisma and whether it can be replicated in others, Nikki developed and delivered her first public seminar held at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre - An Audience with Charisma. Nikki’s techniques including The Self-Esteem Gift Box™, The Symbol of Star Quality™ and Transcendental Drivers™ are at the frontiers of Noetic Science. These have been blended and inspired from Quantum Physics, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Epigenetics, bioenergetics, Dowsing and Transactional Analysis.

Nikki is a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, She is a qualified Instructor of Hypnotherapy, certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner.

The Binaural Inductive Conditioning™ method

Binaural Inductive Conditioning™ is a technique that works with your unconscious mind to stimulate more of your charismatic potential. This process combines a uniquely composed binaural beats programme developed by Hugo Jenks, scientist and technology engineer with a powerful ‘Milton Erickson’ styled hypnotic induction composed and delivered by Nikki Owen. This hypnotic induction incorporates powerful suggestions to remove unconscious barriers and accelerate the development of your own charismatic potential.

In 1839 Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered the presence of naturally occurring binaural beats – perceived as sounds arising within the brain in response to specific external stimuli. In 1973 Dr Gerald Oster accelerated binaural technology following extensive published studies.

Binaural Beat recordings use specially generated sounds that alter your brainwaves so that they become synchronised with the frequency of earth’s energies. They are able to promote a profoundly deep state of meditation enabling your energy to flow more abundantly, thereby powering up your charisma. Binaural technology works when two pure tones are produced at slightly different frequencies. When these are listened to simultaneously through headphones a ‘beat’ can be perceived as though it were heard. The ear does not hear it, only by the processes within the brain. This low frequency beat can influence the listener’s state through entrainment of brainwaves.

Hugo Jenks, scientist, electronics engineer and author who works within the renewable energy field has composed a Binaural Beats sequence that evolves and cycles through Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave patterns. This creates and magnifies a hypnotic effect referred to as ‘fractionation’. These are ideal frequencies to receive positive suggestions directly into the unconscious mind for lasting and empowering change, and are the reason why Nikki Owen has combined hypnotic suggestions with binaural technology. Studies show that when your brainwave patterns change there is also a change in chemical reactions within your body. Initially, some people may experience mild discomfort as their brain waves begin to synchronise with the binaural beats. This usually will only last for 3 minutes or so. After repeated use any initial discomfort will disappear, as your brain will have established new neurological pathways ensuring comfortable sessions in the future.

Binaural Inductive Conditioning™ is extremely powerful and should never be listened to whilst driving, operating machinery or travelling. To achieve the full auditory experience you’ll need to listen to these programmes through headphones. Ultimately apart from increasing confidence and charisma, it is claimed that regular exposure to binaural beats will increase intelligence, creativity, slow ageing, eliminate stress and anxiety, provide an energy boost and create profound emotional changes.

Charismatic Conditioning CD – session details

  • Introduction – 3:43 an overview of the programme and introduction to Nikki Owen’s techniques, expertise and qualifications.
  • Part 1 – 10:16 Nikki Owen introduces her unique approach to developing more charisma. You can listen to this part at anytime.
  • Part 2 - 3:45 you’ll gain an understanding of the Binaural Inductive Conditioning™ method co-developed by Nikki Owen and Hugo Jenks, scientist and electronics engineer.
  • Part 3 – 10:07 is a charismatic conditioning programme to play before you get up in the morning. This accelerates the flow of your personal magnetism and significantly increases your charisma, particularly if you listen to this every morning for 21 days.
  • Part 4 – 14:35 is a self-esteem booster programme that induces deep trance and therefore works best if you listen to it just before you go to sleep. Listening to this programme once or twice a week will work upon your confidence and self-worth at a deep level.
  • Part 5 - 4:44 is a Motivation Matrix that can be listened to at anytime. This helps you to connect to what is really important to you at a core level and increases your energy so you attract more of what you want.

Sections 3, 4 and 5 are extremely powerful and should only be listened to when you can completely relax without any distractions. Therefore, please do not operate machinery, drive or travel when listening to this CD.

You may want to complete our charismatic profiling tool for an assessment of your current charisma level.

Charismatic Conditioning CD £20.42 including VAT plus £1.50 packing and postage

What Nikki’s clients say

I understand much more about myself and those around me. This course gave me the insight to think beyond the surface and also to be more open about how I think and gave me much food for thought!

Ursula Adby
Supplier Manager
Reed Learning Managed Service


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