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An Audience with Charisma Seminars with Audience with Charisma Limited
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Telephone (UK): 01732 617816
The Charisma Team: + 44 (0)1622 792425

For press and publicity enquiries, to find out more about Nikki Owen, or for images, please call her publicity department at Caroline Fosbury Public Relations and Personal Management:

Telephone (UK): 0208 994 7722
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What Nikki’s clients say

Nikki presented her Charismatic Leadership workshop at a recent Academy session. As the group's resident left brainer I'm known for questioning some of our more creating speakers. But as I did so with Nikki it became clear that Nikki has a compelling and moving story. Nikki backs this with a well structured model evidenced by empirical research and practical exercises (including dowsing each other's auras) that really engaged me and the whole group. We hear much about the make up of great leaders. Charisma is most definitely a key element. I'd recommend working with Nikki on how to understand and maximise your use of charisma.

Andy Walsham
Group Finance Director Scotts and Co


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