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Every individual has the potential to develop more charisma, a state that optimises their flow of energy, boosting their wellbeing and enhancing their performance. When people feel in harmony with themselves they exude high levels of energy that impacts on those around them.Organisations who look at the workforce’s internal influences will be rewarded by high levels of engagement, people working with heart and soul and double-digit growth that can be sustained year on year.

The Charismatic Performance Model™

Charismatic Performance Model

For more information about An Audience with Charisma including the business case, ROI results and target audience please download your free copy of Developing Corporate Charisma Report.

An Audience with Charisma

This 2-day event is designed to increase charisma, presence and personal impact to improve engagement, influence and success. A charismatic person finds it easy to attract and influence others, and enjoys greater levels of job satisfaction. Organisations who develop the charismatic potential of their management teams will be more likely to attain double-digit growth.

Who is it for?

Talent and High Potentials, Executive Board Members, Managers and Team Leaders, Client facing Executives, Trainers, Coaches and Consultants.

Learning objectives

  • Appreciate the impact of charisma for an individual and their organisation
  • Define charisma and learn the blueprint to develop an authentic presence
  • Experience the 5 internal attributes that develop charisma within everyone
  • Understand the factors that erode energy and confidence
  • Identify a personal vision that evokes a strong emotional response
  • Develop EIQ to achieve balanced communications from the head and heart 
  • Build self-worth and recognise the power of being authentic

Techniques and approach

Blends a number of techniques inspired from Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Noetic Science, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Kinesiology, Control Dramas, Transactional Analysis, Reiki, Dowsing and Behavioural Modelling.

Logistical information

A 2-day open programme that includes pre and post seminar profiling to measure and assess individual development requirements and improvements relating to their personal charisma.

What's covered during the 2-days?

  • Completion and analysis of online charisma profile to indicate current charisma level, desired charisma level and priority charisma development areas
  • Definition of charisma and the 5 elements that determine a charismatic presence
  • Exercises to automatically build and reinforce a positive self-esteem, self-image and sense of self-worth
  • Process that defines and integrates your Transcendental Drivers (core motivators) that promotes deeper understanding around your life's purpose and value
  • Analysis of different experimental studies that prove the charisma phenomenon
  • Advanced energy work that demonstrates impact that different internal and external factors have on personal magnetism and presence
  • Identification of your unique physical 'triggers' to access your full charismatic state instantly and with conscious volition
After attending An Audience with Charisma, individuals will possess:
After attending An Audience with Charisma, organisations will possess:
Enhanced personal impact and improved ability to influence, engage and inspire Strong Cultural Architects for positive thinking and a ‘can-do’ mindset
More confidence in own ability Greater loyalty from high potentials and talent because individuality is recognised
Increased energy and improved performance and productivity Strengthened relationships that build loyalty and lasting bonds for improved teamwork and collaboration
Higher levels of Emotional Intelligence for stronger working relationships Increased resilience and mental toughness to problems/challenges/changes/crisis situations
Increased motivation, enthusiasm and dynamism Improved productivity/output/efficiency
An emotional connection with their organisation’s vision leading to improved job satisfaction Lower attrition rates and improved workforce retention

Measureable Benefits and ROI

34 delegates who attended one of the Audience with Charisma seminars were involved in a trial to obtain evidence of corporate value. The following results are based on contributions from 19 women and 15 men with an average age of 41 years. Delegates were asked to indicate increases in 10 different attributes based on a 1 – 5 rating. (1 being very low up to 5 being very high). These ratings were then expressed in percentage terms and averaged for the entire group.


Energy 88.90%
Being yourself/Authentic 82.36%
Charisma 79.58%
Engagement from others 75.68%
Sensory awareness 72.36%
Enthusiasm 69.58%
Inspirational/inspired 66.89%
Confidence 63.50%
Powerful 45.20%
Balanced mindset (reduced stress) 31.80%

Embracing New Development Methods

Over the years, organisations have been slow to embrace new ideas and in turn, NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Social Media were dismissed as ‘airy fairy’ and lacking commercial relevance. Today these same organisations are routinely incorporating these methods into their leadership and talent development programmes. Organisations that view charisma as an intangible and not relevant to their commercial environment are missing a trick, and may wake up to find that their competitors have a unique advantage that can only be attributed to the charisma of their high potential talent and their leadership teams.

Quantum Physics Noetic Science Epigenetics
Emotional Intelligence Control Dramas Transactional Analysis
Neuro Linguistic Programming Reiki and Kinesiology Dowsing
Behavioural Profiling Matrix Reimprinting Emotional Freedom Techniques

Comprehensive support

To provide a safe learning environment and to ensure that new techniques and concepts are mastered and applied, each seminar is restricted to less than 50 delegates and includes a number of support staff. The Charisma Support Team are qualified in NLP and EFT techniques and have been through a rigorous evaluation process before receiving their charisma accreditation standard.

Capturing the visual transformation

A top photographer is present for both days to capture the journey that delegates evolve through. A series of poignant and emotionally charged photographs of each event can be downloaded by each attendee, free-of-charge from a password protected website.

What Nikki’s clients say

Every meeting I ever had with Nikki I came away feeling enlightened.

Jonathan Ledwidge
Knowledge Management Manager ABN AMRO


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